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Stock Footage Library

Apex Stock was founded in 2003 intent on building a stock footage library that would set the industry standard for technical and creative quality. Today the firm has amassed an extensive collection of clips through acquisitions, original productions, and collection representation. Apex Stock’s library is distributed by a network of global licensing agencies, including Getty Images, Corbis Motion, Thoughts Equity Motion and National Geographic.


Subject matter of Apex Stock’s footage library is wide-ranging – lifestyle, landscapes, cityscapes, nature, wildlife, industry, transportation, travel, sports, recreation, family, and much more.


In 2003 Apex Stock acquired the TWA Film Library, a rare 35mm film archive of passenger air travel from the 1950s to the 1980s, during the glorious years of air travel.


A year later the firm acquired the Elements Collection, approximately fifty hours of 70mm film shot by visual effects pioneer, Douglas Trumbull. This collection contains super high-quality footage from all over the globe, including aerial footage of landscapes, snow-capped peaks, volcanoes, cities, nature, and sports.


In 2008, Apex Stock began producing original stock footage with a specialty collection called “Arabia.” This collection, all shot in 1080p HD, contains lifestyle and culture of the Middle East with scenery from the modern urbanscape of Dubai to the ancient cedar tree forest in Lebanon.


In addition to its network of global licensing agencies, Apex Stock licenses directly to its clients in the broadcast and non-broadcast media markets. Having invested heavily into its own media management and delivery technologies, the firm launched an online licensing portal in 2010 and is able to transact directly with its clients and deliver HD clips on demand.


Apex Stock’s management team possesses more than forty years of entertainment industry experience in feature film, television, and distribution. Apex Stock is a subsidiary of Air Hollywood, Inc. To learn more about Apex Stock or its parent company, please Contact Us or visit respectively.