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Web Site Operation


How do I find a clip on your site?
Enter a keyword or keywords in the Search Now box. To search for a specific style, select either the Collections taps on the menu bar or choose Filter Results next to the Search Now box.


I entered a generic word to search and got a very large number of clip results. How do I sort or filter these clips?

Apex Stock offers several ways to sort and filter search results. If you want to filter your results go to "filter results" in the left toolbar region.

How do I use the “Collections” tabs?

In order to choose footage from a specific style or library, click on the Collections tab on the menu bar. On the Collections page there is a Search Box under the demo. Simply enter as keyword or keywords to search in the particular collection.

How do I utilize the “Filter Results” option?

To refine your search options, simply enter a keyword or keyword in the Search Results box, then select the Filter Results next to the Search Now box. From there you may choose between: License Type, Era, Time of Day, Shot Speed.

How do I store and organize clips I might want to purchase later? 

On the Search Results page, select the (+) symbol on the thumbnail. On the details page, click "Add To My Lightbox". There you can create a bin or bins to store, review, share, and delete any you clips you may not want, before proceeding to checkout. As a registered user, you can email your bin to your clients for feedback.

How long will my clips be stored in my Lightbox?

If you set up an account with (just register - it's free), your clips will be stored in your bins indefinitely. You can return anytime to search more clips, add more clips to your project, or to purchase.

What is the difference between "My Lightbox" and "Shopping Cart"?

My Lightbox acts just as a "bin" would act in a non-linear editing program. It is a place where you store and review a variety of clips you might be interested in. Once you have determined the clips you want to purchase, you put them in your Shopping Cart and proceed to checkout.

Why should I join Apex Stock?

Joining Apex Stock is a requirement if you purchase any clips. This is necessary to download any purchased clips. In addition to purchasing clips, joining Apex Stock will allow you to save clips in My Lightbox. With My Lightbox, you can save clips while browsing and come back to review or purchase them later.

Can I send a Lightbox to my editor, producer or client for approval?

Yes, select a Lightbox and click on "Share Checked Clips" to email it to someone else. You can also add comments for your client to see about the clips in question.

Clip Formats


What formats are offered on Apex Stock?

Our downloadable clips are available in Apple ProRes 422 (hq), Photo Jpeg, NTSC, and PAL.
What if I need a different format? Please contact Apex Stock via email at:, or you may reach us at 888.250.2739 (toll-free within the USA) or +1.818.890.0444.

Licenses and Clip Usage

Is there anything I can't do with a Royalty Free clip?

Our imagery cannot be sold or resold as a stock footage element or as part of any other content library or collection. It cannot be made downloadable as a stand alone product or shared through an online delivery mechanism or in a game situation for the purposes of allowing the end user to stream or download the clip as a stand alone element, or in conjunction with other elements. If you have downloaded a clip from us, it is expressly illegal to share the clip with others for the purpose of creating a stock enterprise.

Pricing and Discounts

If I am ordering many clips, can I get a price break?

Please contact us at for further information on bulk discounts.

Downloading and Custom DVDs

I am unable to download my clip at my present location. Can I get the clip on a DVD? Yes, you can get any and all clips in your order burned to a data DVD at an additional cost. Please contact us at to order your clips on DVD.

I am unable to download my clip at my present location. Can I get the clip sent via ftp?

Please send us an email at to inquire further.



How do I submit my footage to the site?

We are always interested in representing new footage from talented filmmakers. We evaluate all submissions on content, creativity, and technical quality. If you’d like to submit footage for consideration, please send us an email to


Are you hiring?

We are always looking for talented professionals to join our team. If interested in working at Apex Stock, please email a cover letter and resume to