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TALAAT CAPTAN – President and CEO


In 2003, Mr. Captan co-founded Apex Stock and serves as the firm’s President and CEO. Under Mr. Captan’s leadership and guidance, the company has quickly grown from a small boutique to a major player in the stock footage industry.


Talaat Captan’s unrivaled entertainment industry spans 30 years and runs the gamut from writing to distribution.


As founder of Green Communications, Mr. Captan has produced a slate of 15 feature films since 1990. An active member of the prestigious Independent Film and Television Association (IFTA), Mr. Captan has served four terms on the Board of Directors.


In 2001, Mr. Captan opened Air Hollywood, an aviation-themed film studio. Since its inception, Air Hollywood has attracted hundreds of productions and has established itself as the standard for such specialty services in Hollywood.


Mr. Captan has spent several years as President and CEO of two major motion picture film distributors in the burgeoning Middle East market. First with Prime Pictures and later with Avalon Arabia, Mr. Captan’s firms distribute theatrical, television, DVD, internet & mobile downloads, and gaming.


In summary, Mr. Captan’s visionary leadership style sets him apart from the pack. His rare combination of talent and instinct enables Mr. Captan to make visions into realities.

ROBERT SHALHOUB – Managing Director


As Managing Director of Apex Stock, Rob Shalhoub brings with him a decade of entertainment experience and established relationships at major studios, television networks, and independent production companies. Mr. Shalhoub oversees and directs Apex Stock’s strategic planning, acquisitions, technology, and partner relations.


As Vice President of Apex Stock’s parent company, Air Hollywood, Mr. Shalhoub directs the firm’s business development, operations and legal affairs. Mr. Shalhoub successfully guided the firm’s expansion into several high growth areas such as prop rentals, event production, stock footage licensing, and visual fx production.


Prior to joining Air Hollywood and Apex Stock, Mr. Shalhoub worked at Sapient Corporation, an S&P 500 business and technology consultancy. While at Sapient, Mr. Shalhoub consulted for clients such as Staples, Verizon and Union Gas on their online brand strategy.


With an undergraduate degree in International Relations from Tufts University, Mr. Shalhoub also studied Film Production, Screenwriting, Film Theory and Directing.

JP WELGUS – Director of Content

Mr. Welgus joined Air Hollywood in 2005, as the stock footage specialist. JP is responsible for all stock footage related activities including: business and technical development, marketing, customer relations, vendor relations, sales, distribution and overseeing film production. JP also works on various projects as an editor, graphic designer and motion graphics designer.


Aside from his Apex Stock responsibilities, JP also serves as a technical director for A2 Avalon. JP’s responsibilities include: technical development, vendor relations, distribution and logistics between various film labs worldwide and A2 Avalon’s production facilities in Beirut and Dubai.


Recently JP has begun a new endeavor with Sinc Productions, Klutch Creative, and ABC Family Channel in production sound as a boom mic operator.


Prior to joining Air Hollywood, JP worked in Universal Studios’ Digital Asset Management department, Disney’s Animation Department, Samurai Post as the art director, Rogue Post in New York City as an assistant editor, and at Loki Films in New York City as a production intern. Mr. Welgus graduated in 2002 from Full Sail University with a degree in Digital Media.